• Razstava v Bežigrajski galeriji, Obrobni vid 15. 5. 2019–30. 6. 2019
  • Leipzig 2018 (Spinnerei)

    (photo: Janine Kuehn)

  • Open Studio Impression by Nika Zupančič

    My life in Leeuwarden moves very fast. There are too many impressions to absorb and not enough time to put them onto the canvas. I will definitely re-visit Fryslan one day. I would need few months to immerse into this landscape which perfectly resonates with my painting.

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  • Update June 13th by Nika Zupančič

    Schiermonnikoog island – Locus

    The unimaginable experience. Like I would step into my imaginary painting. Absolute painting.


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  • Artist in residence, Leeuwarden

    As a painter I try to immerse myself into the »soul« of the landscape. As a matter off fact in nature a human being experiences the mistery of existence and thus my way of painting approches the pictorial tradition of the Romantics and their concept of sublime which persisted through the modernist era with the great sublime expressionist painters and is still alive in our premediated society.


    Nika Zupancic, slikarka / painter / artiste peintre

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  • Presentation of Winners of Platform’s Competition for a Proposal of a Pan-European Memorial for the Victims of Totalitarianism in Brussels

    Brussels/Prague 25 April 2018. The presentation of the top-ten ranking entries in the Platform’s competition for a proposal of a Pan-European Memorial for the Victims of Totalitarianism in Brussels took place yesterday afternoon at the European Parliament in Brussels, courtesy of Mr László Tökés, MEP.


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